Art is science made clear.

Art is science made clear. Wilson Mizner

Art is not a thing.

Art is not a thing it is a way. Elbert Hubbard

A Picture is a poem with out words.

A picture is a poem with out words. Horace

Poem called Tomorrows Ground.

Poem called Tomorrows Ground Tomorrow is a wonder Today is right now Moments of life Speaking Volumes of sound Blue are the seas Following the spar of a bow Finding events of today In tomorrows  Firm ground

Poem called The Unknown.

  Poem called The Unknown Reaching into the  Greatest unknown Steps of faith  Discovered Brightly  Shine  When You realize You are not alone.

Poem called Castles of Blue.

Poem called Castles of Blue Castles of blue Where the mind  Loves to wander Seas of self worth Too amazing To ponder Daily each moment That passes to be Gives new meaning To words Like the waves Of a sea.

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